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"Hey, True Blue."

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Name:Cooper Dominic Saunders
Birthdate:May 14
Location:Sydney, Australia
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Hey True Blue, can you bear the load
Will you tie it up with wire
Just to keep the show on the road
Hey True Blue

True Blue, John Williamson

Cooper Dominic Saunders was born in Sydney Australia. He was the third child to his parents (following two girls), Dave, an Airforce Pilot, and Mary, a P√Ętissier for a restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour. Now in his teens, Cooper isn't your average kid. He lost his father when he was 9 when he was killed in combat in Afghanistan, and it affected his life going into his teens. When he was 14, he was diagnosed with Dysthymia, a depressive mood disorder, when it became evident he was struggling with all aspects of his life and had withdrawn distinctly to the point he began to suffer signs of agoraphobia.

His mother, who was left with her hands full as a widow and single mother trying to make ends meet, knew something was wrong with her only son. She took him to the doctor and it was a relief for the family to know there was something wrong that was treatable. Cooper was commenced on some medication to stabilise his depression, and he started to return to things he had always enjoyed - surfing (which his father taught him), skateboarding, basketball, and playing music. Over the years, he learned how to play guitar and drums, and always like the idea of being in a band. He didn't have the confidence to be a leading musician for anything, but he thought being the back-up to someone would be awesome.

However, on his 15th birthday, things took a tough turn in Cooper's life. Going through puberty and living with three females, he struggled with puberty and not having his dad there to guide him. His condition worsened and after going out to dinner with his family for his birthday, came home and tried to hang himself in their bathroom. It was only his sister who heard a noise from her bedroom and ran to see what it was that saved his life. He ended up being admitted to a juvenile psych ward for a couple of weeks with some major psychiatric intervention. He has never attempted suicide again. He was one of the lucky ones, his condition once again being treated and he got back on track.

Life, overall, hasn't been easy for him. But he loves the beach and surfing, and gets a lot of contentment in his hobbies. He can be at peace with himself if he has those things, though he's never truly been settled and his mum knew it. Around Christmas the year of his 16th birthday, she took him for a walk along the beach and they sat down to talk things through. She confided in him about a lot of things, and he talked stuff out with her that seemed to stir over and over in his head a lot. It ended in her asking if he would be interested in an exchange student year in America - New York, to be exact.

She worked with a guy whose wife worked for a student exchange program, and he was in the right age bracket to qualify for it. It would give him a year out of his normal life, and might be a way for him to get his head around things before he started to reach his adult years. She had friends she grew up with from childhood who now lived in New York, and Cooper also qualified for financial support through the Shades of Violet Foundation, founded by Presley Monroe, an organisation who helped young people with mental illness achieve goals and dreams for themselves their illness otherwise made them feel incapable of. His mum told him not to make a choice right away, but to think about it.

Cooper did think about it, and a lot. The more he did, the more he realised he wanted to do it. He wanted to get away and just live life in another way after everything. He knew he definitely didn't have it as bad as many others, but things were still tough. If these opportunities were there for him, he wanted to take it. And he knew his dad would be proud of him for it. So, he took the plunge and was accepted into both programs. He was invited to attend a fundraising function in Sydney hosted by Presley where a guy his age with bipolar disorder would be speaking about his own experiences of achieving whilst still suffering the clutches of a mental illness. Justin Campbell, just a little younger than Cooper in age, was an ambassador for the Foundation, and now a Tony Award winning actor on Broadway in New York. His father was Australian... and just happened to be one of the guys Cooper's mum grew up with and went to school with. It was a small world, but it meant the world to Cooper to know there was a kid out there like him who knew what it was like to be mentally ill.

However, the night of the function, seeing Justin perform and hearing his amazing speech, Cooper got cold feet on meeting him and chickened out. His mum had been going to introduce him via Justin's dad, but it never happened. Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, his mum, she coaxed Cooper to still try to connect with Justin preceding his upcoming year in New York staying with Lachlan and Tara Campbell (not at all related to Justin and or any of his family). They lived in the same street as Justin's Aussie grandparents, so the ball was in Cooper's court to reach out to Justin... if only he could stop himself falling for the temptation of starstruck.

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